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Haselbech Hall, Northamptonshire.


Following our visit, we were asked to supply and install two new clock movements, a clock controller and a Toller unit to enable the striking of the bell. The restoration of the two dials and the restoration of the wind-vane.
The original clock mechanism is made by Bennett of London and was a weight driven flatbed hour strike turret clock.

The copper convex dials were to be removed to restore them. They were checked to see if we can ascertain the original colour of the dials, and from inspecting them, they would have originally been black with gilded chapters, hands, minute marks and outer ring.
The clock hammer was removed, shot blasted and painted with an anti corrosive paint and top coat.

We also installed a new toller unit. This will control the bell hammer and enable it to strike on the hour as the original clock would have.
The wind vane was also restored and the arrow, Vane and cardinal points were gilded with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.