Ruislip School, New Clock Movement and Hands

The school now has a new stepper clock automatically controlled. The clock had not been going for some time.

The hands had been removed by someone else quite a few years ago, and the electric movement was all in pieces with some items missing.

We quoted to install a new stepper clock which would automatically change at the Summer and Winter time changes and a new pair of hands, which replicated the originals.

Testimonial, All Hallows Church, Upper Dean, Bedfordshire.

After installing two new automatic winding units to a very early blacksmiths traditional wooden clock at Upper Dean. We have now installed a pendulum regulator to the clock.

“Time Assured provided an excellent service when we could find no-one else prepared to work on our ancient blacksmith’s traditional wooden frame clock. They kept us well informed of work schedules and appointment times, always turned up when they said they would and gave clear indications of the work needed to complete the repairs. We have retained them to complete an annual service on the clock and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Jeanette Dormer, Church Warden

Kingsmead Clocktower, Cheshire.

The clock tower at Kingsmead in Cheshire had a problem with one of its clock movements. We sent out clockmaker to investigate, we found one of the movements had failed. The local council asked us to fit four new clock movements to make sure the other clock movements do not fail in the near future.

Conservation Project, De Vere Hotel, Chesham.

The below project, was to restore the wooden surrounds of the slate dials and to return the clock to working order, which has not been running for some ten years.

The clock was found to be in reasonably good condition, except for a very worn bearing on the going train barrel.

 The clock was totally dismantled, and returned to our workshop. Where it was de-greased and all the bearings and pivots cleaned and polished. The rear bearing was re-lined with a new brass bush, and broached out to to align the front and rear bearings.

We then re-assembled the clock and  placed it on test in our workshop.

New wooden surrounds were manufactured by a specialist bespoke joinery company. The new surrounds and clock returned to site and installed. It was also decided by De Vere  hotels to keep the slate dials in there present state and not to have them gilded.