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Clock Restoration – Goldsmiths Clock, Blackett Street Newcastle


Public Clock Restoration, Newcastle

In the late summer of 2014, we were invited by Goldsmith’s Jewellers to inspect a number their clocks located at their Jewellery Stores. One particular clock that was in need of care and attention was an iconic projecting clock situated on Blackett Street in the centre of Newcastle.

The store was about to undergo a major refurbishment and the projecting clock which is the outstanding feature on the front of the store needed serious refurbishment. Close inspection revealed outward signs of corrosion and resulting in structural issues. Goldsmith’s asked us to proceed with the refurbishment. The flagship Newcastle Goldsmiths store was to undergo a complete makeover and we were given just nine weeks to meet the deadline for store opening.

Original condition

Clock Restoration

The clock after restoration

Then after nine hectic weeks, around 2500 sheets of 231/2 carat english double thickness gold leaf, well over 300 man hours, new movements and lighting, and a few surprises along the way, the finishing line was crossed. Talking of surprises, the lady who stands atop the clock was our first surprise, at 4’ 6” tall we assumed she might be a lightweight. She actually turned out to be a lady of substance, or rather solid bronze.

Goldsmith’s Jewellers Clock Newcastle

We have received excellent feedback from Goldsmiths who in turn mentioned that they had received extremely complimentary reviews from around Newcastle.