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Automatic Winding

Turret Clocks on Churches and Public Buildings have long been a centre of attention, having a long history of providing local populations with an accurate means of timekeeping available to all. They do however, require care and attention. The clock mechanism in its original configuration not only requires servicing but also an unremitting need to be constantly wound and adjusted to the correct time. It is a requirement to find a volunteer(s) to agree to the regular task (often weekly) of undertaking a sometimes tricky ascent to the clock location and then wind the quite often very substantial weights.

A solution to this constant problem is to fit Automatic Winding units. Powerful electric Automatic Winding units take the strain and automatically wind the clock when the clock weights reach the bottom of their cycle.

To comply with Church of England guidelines our units are fitted in such a way as the original clock mechanism is not modified or changed so that it can be returned to its original hand-winding configuration should this be required. This is achieved by means of a sprocket which is clamped to the winding barrel of each train of the mechanism that is to be autowound. A transmission chain is then attached to this sprocket and connected to the automatic winding unit situated nearby. This unit provides power through a weight driven three planet enclosed oil immersed epicyclic gearbox. This in turn is driven by an enclosed fan cooled 230-240v motor.

If the location where the units are to be fitted is subject to an unreliable electricity supply, particularly if the interruption of supply can last over twenty four hours, we can supply battery backup driven units.


Automatic Winding – Ten Year Guarantee

The Automatic Winding Units that we supply are manufactured to a very high specification and are covered by the manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee.

If you choose to fit Automatic Winding, a suitable source of mains electricity will be required adjacent to where the unit(s) are to be fitted.