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Automatic Regulation
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Automatic Regulation

Following on from a clock mechanism being fitted with Automatic Winding, irregularities in time keeping will become noticeable due to the fact that the clock winder no longer adjusts the clock on a weekly basis. We therefore recommend that Automatic Regulation is fitted. The Regulator will ensue that the clock keeps to the correct time. In addition, it will also alter the clock for BST/GMT changes in March and October by stopping then restarting the pendulum at the appropriate time for either one hour or eleven hours.

Providing the clock mechanism is regularly maintained to normal working order, the Regulator will keep good time to within a few seconds a year. As per Church of England guidelines, the clock mechanism is not modified in any way. An actuator controlled by an accurate time source is fitted at the side of the pendulum and adjusts the pendulum to ensure correct timekeeping.

Automatic Regulation

Automatic Regulator – Ten Year Guarantee

The Automatic Regulator that we supply is manufactured to a very high specification and is covered by the manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee.

If you choose to fit Automatic Regulation, a suitable source of mains electricity will be required adjacent to where the unit is to be fitted.