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Dial Restoration

The main purpose of clocks is to show the right time and the showcase that is used to do this is the clock dial. Over time weathering take its toll and just like any structure exposed to the outside elements, a periodic restoration is required.

Time Assured has restored and repaired a wide range of dials of different types and sizes. Ideally we prefer to remove a dial and transport it to our workshop for it to be restored under controlled conditions, free from the vagaries of the British weather. Quite often, it is more appropriate to perform the task from scaffold, perhaps when the scaffold is being used for other repairs and it is cost effective to restore the clock dial when this relatively expensive means of access is available. On other occasions when a dial needs to be restored in situ, we can utilise roped access methods to approach a dial.

Long Lasting Repair

Of course our goal is to provide a high quality finish that will keep looking good for a considerable number of years. The materials we use vary dependant on the composition of the dial we are restoring and the situation we are restoring it in. A stone dial of varying porosity restored in situ in a cold and windy February is a very different proposition to a dial manufactured in a single material and restored under controlled workshop conditions.

When gilding is required, we use 231/2 carat double thickness English gold leaf. With regard to skeleton dials with inserts, we offer either opal glass or a suitable acrylic solution.

Additional Maintenance

A dial restoration project also provides an ideal opportunity to access, clean and examine the dial motion works. These can only be fully accessed when the clock hands have been removed, so a dial restoration project provides a rare opportunity for cleaning and maintenance.

Also whilst restoring a dial, we will examine the integrity of the dial fixings that hold the dial in place. Should they need replacing, we specify stainless steel threaded bar with Hilti mortar to provide a secure and long lasting solution.

On a rare occasion when a dial has deteriorated beyond repair, we manufacture and supply a new replacement dial. We seek to replicate the original dial in all aspects.

Health & Safety Note – Roped Access

The clockmakers we utilise for roped access are required to have IRATA (Industrial Roped Access Trade Association) certification which has to be renewed every three years. When our clockmaker is on site restoring a dial using roped access, constant safety checks are required either by one of our other clockmakers or by an agreed third party to raise the alarm and ensure prompt assistance is provided should a situation develop that warrants it.