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Church Clock Repair – East Yorkshire – New Escapement – St Helen’s Church, Welton


In May of this year we attended the clock at St Helen’s Church in Welton, East Yorkshire which subsequently led to Time Assured undertaking a Church Clock repair. Our clockmaker inspected the mechanism and discovered that the single six legged gravity escapement had broken. The break had occurred in the same location as an old repair completed many years earlier. The escapement is the connection between the pendulum and the time train and controls the timekeeping of the clock mechanism.

Original Escapement

Original Escapement

New Escapement,

New Escapement








Using the original escapement as a template we supplied and fitted a new laser cut brass escapement. We manufactured the new brass escapement by means of laser cutting to fine tolerances.  The new escapement was fitted in July 2016, and has kept good time ever since.