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Floral Clock, Pannett Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire.


During May 2016, we were contacted by Scarborough Council. This was to take a look at the floral clock in Pannett Park in Whitby. This had not been working for some time.

When our clockmaker uncovered the clock movement, which is normally buried under the plants. He found that the drive pin on the minute spindle had been sheared, therefore the motor could not drive the clock hands. Also the drive coupling had been badly deformed.









The top of the clock case was returned to our workshop. This was then disassembled, and a new drive cup assembly machined from stainless steel. A new pin was fitted to the minute spindle and the whole assembly rebuilt.









Whilst we were repairing the clock movement, Scarborough Council had re-painted the hands. The repaired clock movement was re-fitted, and re-buried ready for the summer bedding to be planted out.