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Church Clock Repair, St Mary’s Church, Tickhill, South Yorkshire.


Following on from our annual service visit, to St Mary’s Church clock in Tickhill. Our clockmaker noticed that the bearings on 14 right angle or (V crank) levers were becoming very worn. These levers connect both the carillon and clock to the hammers in the belfry.









After our quote was accepted and the Faculty agreed. Two of our clockmakers were dispatched to remove the levers back to our workshop. There they were dismantled and shot blasted to remove all the years of old grease etc. Once cleaned the bearings were “opened out” and new pivots individually machined and fitted to the levers. Also the holes were the “S” hooks attach the hammer wire to the levers were welded and re-drilled.

Once the above process was completed, the levers were coated in a suitable rust inhibiting paint system.

The levers were  then returned to St Mary’s Church, and re-fitted complete with new hammer wire and “S” hooks.