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St John the Baptist Church, Heather, Leicestershire


We were asked to quote to remove and store the dial, whilst the stonemasons are working on the church tower. When our clockmaker took some pictures, we found the dial top fixing was missing and the cast iron skeleton dial had a large crack across the fixing hole.

We had to re-quote with the extra work to correctly fix the hole and crack, it was also decided with the process to correct the top fixing, the dial would need to be restored as well.

The dial was  taken to a company which specialises in cast iron work. The dial was shot blasted to remove all the paint and expose the area to be repaired. The dial is then heated up and special welding rods are used to weld the crack, a new piece of cast iron was also fitted into the dial.

The dial was then returned to Time Assured, the dial was then painted, the chapters etc were sized and gilded. Then refitted using stainless steel fixings.